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Herbal Capsules

Tipi Slimer

An excellent combination of Herbs which helps in reducing extra fat.

Tp Rheumancl Plus

Muscular Pain, Joint Pain, Low Back Pain, Swelling, Stiffness, Painful Conditions.


It is a complete Female Tonic, Ti-Utrobin formula is trusted one in Leucorrhoea (White discharge) Uterinebleeding Dysmennorrhoea (Painful mensuration) Monorrahgea (Excessive Mestural flow) pain in back & thighs, the most common diseases. Useful in Anaemia.

Ti Liv Capsule

A most beneficial remedy for livers troubles, Sluggishness & enlargement of liver, Jaundice loss of appetite, Cures the liver.

Ti Piles

Herbal Cure for Piles & Fistula

Thapar's Diabetic Care

Helpful in treating diabetes, Reduces sugar levels, increases Insulin Secretion, Promotes Digestion, Reduces Urine Quantity, Diabetes Mellitus & Excessive Urination.